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when is the RSVP deadline?

please let us know if you will join us by April 15, 2023

what would the weather be like?

Welcome to the hottest month in Paradise, all you out-of-towners! During August, the Caribbean sun bathes you beautifully but also it can be very hot! You will not need layers of clothes here. Don't forget your sunscreen!

Can I bring a date? 

Yes, but please notify us. We ask that only one person per family or couple RSVPs, listing the other(s) as plus one.

What should I wear for festivites? 


For the Welcome Hang, please wear white, off white, ivory, light beiges. No prints, nor bright colors! We will be with our toes in the sand at a beach bar. No, that was not a short poem.

For the Wedding Day, formal beach attire is it, but keeping in mind we are by the beach! Please refrain from wearing sage green, white, or ivory, as these colors are reserved for the wedding party.

For our Post-Wedding Lunch/ Beach Day, just come beach ready!


will the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception take place outdoors/indoors?

Our ceremony will take place outdoors in a beautiful tropical garden overlooking the beach. The reception will be in the same garden but in a clear tent (because it is the tropics and we want to be prepared!)


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